About Us

Corporate Mission

The mission of the Nhill Learning Centre is to bring about positive change and wellbeing in our community through individual growth by providing a platform for social opportunities through learning, interactive exchange, and information in a welcoming all inclusive environment.  We will maintain a high standard of services and be accountable to both community and funding bodies.

Nhill Learning Centre is proud to be a member of Learn Local. Learn Local is a network of over 300 not-for-profit organisations across Victoria offering adult community education and training to people of all walks of life.  We provide education and training programs and deliver a wide range of other services to our community.  Being part of Learn Local enables us to deliver affordable learning opportunities to the community.

Nhill Learning Centre Staff

Executive Officer - Annette Creek                          

Centre Manager - Kylee Williams                        

Recreational Program Co-ordinator - Tracey Deckert                        

English Language Teacher - Cathy Moll

English Language Teacher - Amanda Kube

Workforce Development Officer - Melissa Powell

Multilingual Liaison Officer - Tha Blay Sher

Settlement Officer - Tha Hser Bleh Dah


Paw Po Products Program Co-ordinator - Alison Creek

Paw Po Sewing Tutor - Nan Mya Mya Soe

Paw Po Floristy Assistant - Si Blu

Paw Po Retail Shop Assistant - Wah



The Committee

The Committee of Management is committed to ensuring that the Nhill Learning Centre remains responsive, accessible, accountable and effective and is responsible for governance, is accountable and responsive to the community, ensures accountability for funds received, develops and implements strategic plans for the future direction of the centre and ensures that it meets its legal obligation under the relevant acts.

The Committee of Management is made up of up to 12 members of the local community. These people give of their time voluntarily and are elected to serve a two year term.

President: Rod Jones      

Vice President: Jenny Creek                        

Secretary: Jill Kube                                  

Treasurer: Janet Stanford

General committee members: Tracey Morphett, Tania McQueen, Yvonne Jones, Darryl Hirth